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About Clifton Plaza | Clifton Business Association

Clifton Plaza is joint effort between Clifton Business Association (CBA) and Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) and is owned and operated by Clifton Community LLC.  Clifton Plaza hosts a variety of events, including a Summer Music Series presented by CBA.  For those interested in using Clifton Plaza, please read the information below and fill out the application for usage. 

Fees and Regulations for Use of Clifton Plaza:

  • The standard fee for use of Clifton Plaza is $20 per hour.  Additional fees may be necessary based on the type of event.  Additional fees and requests for fees to be waived will be discussed once the application has been submitted and reviewed.  
  • Users must take reasonable steps to ensure orderly behavior and will be responsible for paying for all damage associated with their use of the facility or equipment.
  • Use of tobacco is prohibited. All users are responsible for complying with this regulation.
  • Permission must be given to serve/sell alcoholic beverages.
  • Decorations must be fireproof and are to be erected and taken down in a manner not destructive to the property. Decorations are subject to approval.  Use of open flames, such as candles, is not permitted.
  • The user shall be fully responsible for all loss or damage to property.
  • Use of equipment must be arranged for in advance. Fees may be required. Requests for equipment are not included in the rental costs and shall be charged based on request and type of equipment.
  • Set-up and clean up may be performed by members of the group using the facility, provided the responsible persons are listed on the application. Additional clean up services required for work not done satisfactorily will be paid for by the using group.
  • Clifton Plaza will normally be available 8:00 a.m. EST to 10:00 p.m. EST, unless other arrangements are requested on the application and approved.
  • No unauthorized methods for obtaining funds, including any form of gambling, are permitted in/on the property.
  • Responsibility for enforcement of rules and regulations concerning use of Clifton Plaza rests with the user group, and any infractions of the above regulations may be grounds for refusing to grant subsequent requests for the use of Clifton Plaza.
  • Clifton Plaza will not be responsible for any loss of valuables or personal property.
  • No flyers, booklets, or other printed or audio-visual materials may be distributed unless they relate directly to the activity for which Clifton Plaza is being used.
  • Skateboards and other like equipment, which constitutes a safety hazard, shall not be allowed on Clifton Plaza premises at any time.

Supervision of Clifton Plaza Facility Use:

  • Each group requesting the use of Clifton Plaza must indicate an individual in charge who will serve in a supervisory capacity during the use of Clifton Plaza.
  • If the supervisor, as designated above, is not satisfactory to Clifton Community LLC or it is seen as necessary to hire security for the event, a supervisor will be appointed or security will be hired and a fee shall be charged to the group using the facility.
  • Supervisors are responsible for the enforcement of all rules and procedures regarding the use of Clifton Plaza.